Characters of PjMasks series
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PjMasks Cartoon Characters Names

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the website where you can discover the  PjMasks characters of the series, which character do you like more? you have doubts? here we leave you a list of  PjMasks characters:

PjMasks Heroes


Catboy is part of an imaginative world. He is not the typical hero wearing a cape. He wears a costume and a mask to show the best abilities of a super cat. Being Connor, he has to overcome some of his shyness sometimes. It is only necessary the moment he puts on his blue pajamas with the cat symbol on his shirt and everything changes.


He is a nice and funny character, but his powers are really useful for each mission. In season 2, he officially showed his Super Gekko Shield. Two shields on both arms that let him block any attack. But before this season, his powers were already amazing.


She is very friendly and helpful, but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t express when she feels uncomfortable with Connor’s ideas as a leader. Sometimes, she thinks these ideas are not quite good. There are chapters where you can see Owlette and Catboy arguing, but solving things out immediately.


PJ Robot has a friendly digital face that is most of the time smiling. He cannot speak, so he changes his expressions to convey different emotions. He doesn’t walk either because he is a small flying robot.

PjMasks Villains


On the books Les Pyjamasques, Armadylan makes his first appearance in the book number 12, and on the TV series, he is known in this season 2. The episode where he first appears was recently aired this August 2018, more specifically the 41st episode: “Meet Armadylan”.


Although Luna Girl is considered a villain in PJ Masks, she is definitely a different one. Romeo, for example, talks all the time about conquering the world, but Luna Girl’s actions have more to do with getting what she wants. In fact, she doesn’t see PJ Masks characters as her enemies, she fights against them because they don’t let her steal things that she wants.


Night Ninja is a character inspired by martial arts, and he leads all his evil missions as a true ninja. He loves showing off his skills of hand, arm and kick movements. Despite his talent, he carries out his work with help of the Ninjalinos, and sticky splats as ways to trap his opponents.


That’s what they are, a bunch of faithful followers. Night Ninja leads them, and they engage in any dishonest practice that he proposes. How many are they? It is hard to say. There are chapters where you can see four, eight and even twelve.


Although he is considered one of the main villains of the story, the fact he is a kid makes him look still cute. Bad guys in PJ Masks are very far from being scary, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have clear evil purposes.


A full moon means for them claws, sharp teeth, pointy ears, and long hair. Kevin, for example, has shaggy hair and blinding bangs that cover his eyes completely. All of them behave like savages. It’s not only that they run on all fours and howl, but they act hostile towards others, steal, and attack.

Other PjMasks Characters 



Cameron is a boy that has been in the series since season 1 and continues appearing with frequency playing important roles in more than one episode. Although he is not a character that affects the storyline, he sometimes introduces the situation that is going to be developed in the episode.


Flossy Flash is a young woman dedicated to fighting bad guys using karate techniques. To turn into Flossy Flash, she wears a purple costume with some yellow stripes, long gloves and long boots of the same colors. She wears a mask that covers her head, but still, you can see her big and green eyes as well as her long and dark brown hair.


Because of Amaya and Greg’s opinions, it is known that Jayden Houston is a very popular singer. Although Greg says that he is his favorite singer, all of them get really excited when they talk about this famous artist. Despite not having any physical appearance in PJ Masks, he is named sometimes by the kids when they are talking about their favorite artists or superheroes.


Master Fang looks like a real traditional Chinese Kung fu master. He is an old man with totally white hair in a ponytail. He has bushy eyebrows, mustache, and a goatee beard. He wears a teal Kung fu uniform that comes in three pieces: a long sleeve coat, a belt, and pants with elastic on the ankles.


Her name, appearance, and voice definitely show she is a female robot. Her design is quite similar to Robot’s, but her size and color are different. She is smaller than Robot and is red and silver. She has a big yellow circle that works like an eye or a button to activate or deactivate her.


He is a young adult, tall, and slim. His hair is short and brown. He has tan skin and light brown eyes. He has an eye-catching look, it is appropriate for a teacher but still stylish. He wears glasses that perfectly match with his vest. They are teal square glasses. He really looks like a kind and nice teacher.



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