Pj masks Armadylan

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Pj masks Armadylan
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It’s already been said that this popular TV show for preschoolers was first successful as a book series in France. With only three years, its adaptation to TV has been very well welcomed by kids. Season 2 started airing this 2018. It came up with more superpowers for the heroes, and a new character named Armadylan. An ally or a villain?

First appearances

On the books Les Pyjamasques, Armadylan makes his first appearance in the book number 12, and on the TV series, he is known in this season 2. The episode where he first appears was recently aired this August 2018, more specifically the 41st episode: “Meet Armadylan”.

The animated show on TV respected and stuck to the original idea about this character in the story. He could have been an ally, but soon he felt more comfortable on the villains’ side. At the beginning, everybody saw him as the possible new hero in town.


Animal motifs

A cat, gecko, owl, wolves and now an armadillo. Armadylan is an armadillo boy, he is much taller than Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko. As giant armadillo, his costume is dark brown. He has other interesting characteristics that make him a big and powerful villain.


He can dig passages underground, so PJ Masks have to watch out with his surprising attacks. Armadillos are fascinating creatures with a surface that looks like an armor. Armadylan’s head and body are covered in hardened skin. This lets him roll up into a ball and turns into a super-fast spiked wheel.

He wants to be a hero

Armadylan  could have teamed up with the PJ Masks, but his actions (maybe not on purpose) always ended trying to outdo the PJ’s team. He is extremely strong even stronger than Gekko. However, the point seemed to be his inexperience in using his powers right. No doubt he is very strong and has special powers, but the way he uses them makes him be far from being a hero.
Armadylan  has “super strength”, but it’s been associated with destruction due to his recklessness. PJ Masks is just wrapping up its second season, so maybe Armadylan could see his dream come true and become a superhero. Who knows?
He has to work on controlling his powers and not to cause accidents. Meanwhile, he adds antagonism to the cartoon, and PJ Masks continue being one of the children’s faves. Preschoolers love grabbing their remote and get ready for cartoon fun!

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