Pj masks Flossy Flash

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Pj masks Flossy Flash
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Children from different countries are growing up watching animated TV shows. Undoubtedly, there are heroes they will remember forever, and Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko will be part of them for sure. As the PJ Masks are kids, they also have their own heroes to look up to. In Owlette’s case, her superhero’s name is Flossy Flash.

A female superhero

Flossy Flash is a young woman dedicated to fighting bad guys using karate techniques. To turn into Flossy Flash, she wears a purple costume with some yellow stripes, long gloves and long boots of the same colors. She wears a mask that covers her head, but still, you can see her big and green eyes as well as her long and dark brown hair.

Flossy Flash
She is a karate-kicking superhero with amazing moves. She is an expert doing her flash flips, and her moves help her defeating the enemies. Flossy Flash has a special power, too. If she thinks and concentrates enough, she can know where people are.


Heroes to admire

Connor is such a Master Fang’s fan that he wants to have his birthday party soon because of the decoration. He wants his party all decorated with this Kung fu hero. There are even balloons with Master Fang’s face, and they can be seen at Greg’s birthday party when he gives Connor two balloons as a special gift.

Greg says that he prefers Master Fang’s sidekick “Kick McGee”. This is a character that Greg names all the time trying to imitate his moves and kicks. However, Kick McGee has never had an appearance in any of the episodes yet, so his physical characteristics are unknown so far.

Flossy Flash’s fan

It doesn’t matter if she is Amaya or Owlette. She has her own superhero and prefers Flossy Flash over Catboy and Gekko’s heroes. She is a huge Flossy Flash’s fan and has always her comic book with her. While on the way to a mission, Owlette takes her comic book with her and reads it.
In the episode “Owlette and the Flash Flip Trip”, kids will have the story time at school, and Amaya takes Flossy Flash comic book because she says that Flossy is the best superhero ever. When they get into the classroom, all the other books are gone. They find out that Romeo is behind this, so she practices and practices the Flossy’s flash flip to capture Romeo and make him return all the books.



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