Pj masks Gekko

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Pj masks Gekko
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If your kids are going to be in front of the TV, let it be to watch one of the best-animated television shows for preschoolers. PJ Masks will fit the interest of your children for sure, and fantasy play will come naturally. With his nobility and courage, Gekko will win your children’s heart, and also yours.

The youngest hero

This trio of heroes is formed by sweet, lovely and determined kids to produce good plans to defeat villains together. Greg is the name of the youngest one. He has green eyes and blond hair. He is Amaya’s next-door neighbor, and his house has a green roof and green door just as his favorite color.

He loves sharing with friends, and you can see him playing with them in the playground every time he has an opportunity. He is kind of mischievous, and always has consequences that make him be in trouble, but in funny situations.
There is one episode where he takes Romeo’s gun for changing sizes despite being told not to do it, and he transforms himself in the biggest gecko ever!


Friends Gekko

Bedtime, Gekko’s transformation!

If the city needs them, they take the decision to see each other at night, but as PJ Masks. Once the moon rises, a narrator always announces the moment of transformation. “Night in the city and a brave band of heroes are ready to face fiendish villains to stop them messing with your day”.

In one moment, he’s wearing his green pajamas, and after a quick-change phenomenon, you can see him in his green gecko costume some seconds later. He doesn’t get a reptilian tail only, but some quite cool abilities for him as a superhero.

Gekko’s superpowers

He is a nice and funny character, but his powers are really useful for each mission. In season 2, he officially showed his Super Gekko Shield. Two shields on both arms that let him block any attack. But before this season, his powers were already amazing.
He turns into a very strong hero with his Super Gekko Muscles. His super Lizard Grip for climbing walls, the Super Lizard Water Run for running on water, and the amazing Color-changing and Super Gekko Camouflage.
All these powers go together with his Gekko-mobile. It can be a common vehicle, a submersible or surprise everybody with its Gekko-mobile camouflage. It is in the PJ Masks tower, and Gekko takes it out to defeat villains in town.


Meet The Charactes of the series

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