Pj masks Luna Girl

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Pj masks Luna Girl
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It’s fair to say that TV offers good programs, the point is that many times the little ones get left out. PJ Masks is a great alternative, and parents or caregivers can watch it with them. Children are the target audience, and both heroes and villains are just for kids. Among the main villains in the story, there’s one girl that is not sweet at all when she becomes Luna Girl.

A different villain


Although Luna Girl is considered a villain in PJ Masks, she is definitely a different one. Romeo, for example, talks all the time about conquering the world, but Luna Girl’s actions have more to do with getting what she wants. In fact, she doesn’t see PJ Masks characters as her enemies, she fights against them because they don’t let her steal things that she wants.

Luna Girl
Moreover, there are episodes where it hasn’t been necessary for her to go away shouting in frustration. A truce, a negotiation or giving her something she likes have been effective strategies that the team uses with her.
Not all episodes are so simple. There are opportunities that to negotiate with Luna Girl hasn’t been possible, and they have to fight against her. For example, when she stole all Christmas gifts and wanted to ruin this festivity for kids.


Luna Girl’s silver hair

That’s the color of her hair; besides, its look is intensified with little sparkles on it. Silver hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Her main colors are gray and black. Black for her mask, coat and boots and gray for her tights. The symbol on her coat is a lunar eclipse.

Believe it or not, a swarm of moths goes with where anywhere. She really cares for them, and they always will be at her side to support her. She is considered a secondary villain in the story, but no doubt the episodes she appears in are really good.

The moon as her symbol

There is an episode where it is more than evident how comfortable she feels in the place that suggests her name: the Moon. While on the Moon, and different from the PJ Masks who had to wear helmets, she is totally okay without one.
All the gadgets she uses have the half-moon shape. Luna Girl uses a very effective gadget called the Luna Magnet. It is very helpful to attract all the things she wants. She also has the Luna board, a super hoverboard that lets her surf on air whenever she wants.

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