Pj masks Night Ninja

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Pj masks Night Ninja
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PJ Masks is one of the best current cartoons that is airing now for kids. The plot of the story with the heroes and villains is presented in a variety of ways that kids will never find it boring. Although they are not a real team because they don’t support each other, Night Ninja is part of the villain dream team of PJ Masks.

A true Ninja

Along the series of PJ Masks, children will enjoy episodes with different types of villains. A mad scientist, bad guys with the look of animals, a female villain, and also characters that evoke Japanese ninjas. So fans of ninjas will be really pleased.

Night Ninja
Night Ninja is a character inspired by martial arts, and he leads all his evil missions as a true ninja. He loves showing off his skills of hand, arm and kick movements. Despite his talent, he carries out his work with help of the Ninjalinos, and sticky splats as ways to trap his opponents.


A ninja costume

Any disguise would be meaningless if a ninja’s identity could be detected, so his ninja costume is perfect. It covers him from head to toes. His big blue eyes are the only part of his body that can be seen.

Although many people expect black clothing for a ninja, Night Ninja wears a blue costume. It is dark, and helps him not to stand out at night. It is cute though because it has little stars on it. Different from those ninjas who act with a lot of secrecy, Night Ninja enjoys being in the spotlight.


His personality

He is kind of narcissist with an excessive admiration of himself. He likes to hear that he is the best at everything. This is the way how the PJ Masks fool him in an episode. Although he is singing terribly, they compliment him. He tells them that he is very glad they see the great singer he is.
Another episode shows how selfish he is. There’s going to be an exhibition at the museum, and he hides everyone else’s artwork. He creates a statue that is a giant version of him. He expresses that he wants to prove everybody he is the best artist ever.
Nothing is his fault. If his plans fail (as it usually happens), he immediately blames the Ninjalinos. Despite he is not the main villain, this arrogant anti-hero has very good episodes with the PJ Masks team.

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