Pj masks Ninjalinos

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Pj masks Ninjalinos
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Each episode in PJ Masks is based on heroes and villains confronting each other, but the episodes where Catboy, Gekko and, Owlette have to fight against Night Ninja and the Ninjalinos have a lot of action. No doubt Ninjalinos form one of the most despicable animated villains of the cartoons. It’s not one villain, it’s a group that is always together and acts in a very coordinated way.

A bunch of minions

That’s what they are, a bunch of faithful followers. Night Ninja leads them, and they engage in any dishonest practice that he proposes. How many are they? It is hard to say. There are chapters where you can see four, eight and even twelve.
In the episode “Gekko vs Ninjalinos”, it is shown twelve of them in a training area following instructions for exercising. Night Ninja is training them, but for this, they stole bikes, jump ropes and balls from kids that miss their stuff.

The PJ Masks heroes face them, and Gekko tries to fight against them alone. They realize they can’t underestimate the Ninjalinos because they are certainly tiny, but really strong and agile. Being small doesn’t mean they cannot cause big trouble.


A very little one

They can be very annoying. These troublesome ninjas usually obey Night Ninja and do all that he tells them to do, but they have rebelled against him in some opportunities. In “Save the parade” for example, the Ninjalinos decided to be on Catboy’s side in a dance battle.

In the group of Ninjalinos, there is a very little one that appears the first time in “Catboy and the Teeny Weeny Ninjalino”. In this segment, Night Ninja gives the teeny weeny Ninjalino the mission of being a spy.
Once there in the headquarters, meanwhile the Ninjalino tries to obtain confidential information, he interacts and plays with Owlette, Gekko and Catboy. He enjoys there, and tells Night Ninja he doesn’t want to spy on them anymore because they are nice.


Their appearance

Ninjalinos’ costumes are purple and have little stars on them. They are totally covered, only their eyes can be seen. These costumes are super comfortable for them to perform all the extraordinary movements and acrobatic jumps.
Night Ninja cares about them, besides he is the only one who understands what they say. When they talk, it sounds like gibberish to the audience, but Night Ninja understands them perfectly. When some of them tell him that the PJ Masks are nice, of course, his reaction is to shout in disapproval.


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