Pj masks Owlette

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Pj masks Owlette
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There is no doubt that PJ Masks is one of the best series for kids; here’s why: the heroes are kids! All that your tots will want is to wear a costume, a mask and be part of the heroes with the mission of saving the world. Owlette will be one of the most beloved characters of this cartoon.


Amaya is the only girl of this trio of heroes. She is Connor’s neighbor; her house has a red roof and a red door. Her bedroom is the place where she always reads and spends her time. But at nights, this bedroom witnesses the most incredible transformation into the super Owlette.

Red is her favorite color, and she wears it in both Amaya’s clothes, and Owlette’s costume. She has long and dark hair and usually wears a hairclip. Although she is a little bit impatient and doesn’t like to wait to head off to stop nighttime villains, she is a very intelligent girl.

Her personality


She is very friendly and helpful, but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t express when she feels uncomfortable with Connor’s ideas as a leader. Sometimes, she thinks these ideas are not quite good. There are chapters where you can see Owlette and Catboy arguing, but solving things out immediately.

Most important of all, these scenes always finish with an apology, and the recognition that it’s important to listen to each other and take others’ ideas into account for being a good team.

Owlette best Friends

An Owl-themed hero

Poof! Just touching her Owl bracelet, Amaya transforms into Owlette. One of the first amazing things is that being Amaya she needs glasses to see well, but as Owlette she doesn’t need them; in fact, she is able to see things that are far away up close with a Super eyesight.
Her super power is to fly in a very skillful way, the same as her vehicle “the Owl Glider”. Children will laugh a lot in an episode where Catboy and Gekko get Owlette’s flying power, and they are a total disaster trying to do all the stunts she can easily do.
Her super wings help her do that. They are part of her costume on the back part of it. The mask covers her head and hair totally like a bird’s head. The super Owl Eyes, super Owl wings, Owl Wing Wind are her superpowers. In season two, a new one was added, and she comes with her Feather flechettes or Super Owl Feathers. Villains have to watch out!


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