PJ Masks cake
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If you want to surprise all your party guests when they see the birthday cake, do it with an amazing PJ Masks cake. Everybody will love it, especially your little kid. It doesn’t matter if you decide to buy it or have a homemade cake. Take it to a whole new level topping it with PJ Masks figurines, candles or other cute decor themed elements. You will definitely have a very special cake!

Party characters for kids

Once you decided to invite Catboy, Owlette and Gekko to your kid’s big celebration, there’s no better option than Amazon. For most kids, birthdays are synonymous with cakes as well as PJ Masks are synonymous with fun. So, find the best PJ Masks products, put them together and get an incredible birthday party formula.

There is no way of having the perfect birthday party without a cake. Turn an ordinary cake into a memorable success. PJ Masks heroes and villains won’t be only great characters incorporated into the party, but also the protagonists of a very cute cake. You will be very pleased with the reaction of all guests, especially the little ones.

If your kid is a PJ Masks fan, you should know he is not alone. One thing is for sure: your guests are part of those kids totally obsessed with the series. Don’t doubt about making the day special with their favorite heroes.

Superhero cakes

Maybe your kid is one of those that eagerly wait for a special cake all year long, so don’t disappoint your little PJ Masks fan. Every bite can be full of PJ Masks colors, and any cake can be nicely decorated with one of the birthday party cake topper sets. They come with PJ Masks figures and other beautiful themed accessories.  

You can find mini figurines, pins with giant words such as POW, WOW and HAVE FUN, city buildings and a lot of other pieces. All of these items will need your creativity to make them fit and look great on the cake. Just put Catboy, Owlette and Gekko figures on top of the cake, and that’s how magic happens. All guests will be delighted and want a slice.

Apart from the super hero PJ Masks party cake sets, you can also find special cupcake and cake toppers. A double sided gold ‘Happy birthday’ cake topper will make a nice difference. It comes with glitter characters shapes. Other perfect decorative elements to add are the PJ Masks birthday candles.

Your kids’ favorite cake flavor

Wondering what the most popular or the best-selling cake flavors are is not as important as knowing what your child’s favorite flavor is. Chocolate, cheesecake, orange, vanilla, red velvet, marble and lemon are on the top. What a better way to surprise kids than baking a yummy delicious cake and decorating it with their favorite superheroes?

There are many easy cake recipes that are great for kids. Some eggs, self-rising flour, cocoa, sugar, butter and milk will create one of the most delicious and popular cakes: a chocolate cake. Or what about a vanilla cake with chocolate chips? If you have a bakery make the cake or you prefer to bake it yourself, the next step is very simple. The best recipe along with the best decoration will be a hit.

If you are raising a real PJ Masks fan, you can be sure that a PJ Masks cake will be quite impressive. The characters become the true protagonists of a delicious cake. Your guests’ faces will immediately say that tastes yummy. At the end of your kid’s celebration, you will have the satisfactory feeling of achievement after a successful party.