PJ Masks Videos
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It is undeniable that three seasons of PJ Masks have been more than enough to show that there is something magical in this series. The way that each PJ Masks episode hooks kids from start to end is just impressive. They want to have these characters at their parties, games and pretend play.  For any PJ Masks fans, videos are a great idea for indoor entertainment.

Adorable super heroes

During season one, these adorable super heroes are introduced. Undoubtedly, all preschoolers are part of the target audience. Those little ones between 3 and 6 years old want to watch and rewatch PJ Masks videos. They also love being these superheroes at birthday parties, Halloween or even saving the day at home.


Catboy, Owlette and Gekko are heroes at nights and common kids during the day: Connor, Amaya and Greg. The series revolves around these heroes wearing costumes and fighting villains into the night to save the day. All their abilities, powers and magic bracelets will be needed to face bad guys in the city. Believe it or not, villains in this series are cute kids, too.

Romeo, for example, wants to take over the world. He is a genius boy that constantly creates amazing inventions for his goal. Luna Girl with her super Luna hover board is a difficult villain to catch. Despite being a villain, another enjoyable character is Night Ninja. He is the leader of evil missions where all his martial arts skills are shown. The despicable Ninjalinos are always with him.

Season 2

The success of this kid friendly-cartoon welcomed a second season. This season has the same series format of the previous edition. 26 episodes that come with two segments of 11 minutes each. Kids love the return of the heroes and villains. New episodes come with four new villains that will be an outstanding part of the stories.


The Wolfy kids and Armadylan are new characters that come to join the villain team of the series. They also have very good episodes where little ones are taught the importance of positive behavior and teamwork. Catboy, Pj mask Owlette and Gekko have to watch out for a trio of werewolves when the full moon is out.

Armadylan is a very strong enemy that can dig passages underground. He is an armadillo boy that initially wants to be a hero, too. However, he cannot control his super strength causing chaos everywhere. Videos of season 2 have fun scenes with both known and new villains. Keeping the community safe will be the most important for our heroes.

The most recent season

More minutes of good imagination for kids started in 2019 with season 3. The original air date was April 19, and no doubt that kids waited eagerly for this premiere. Here you are! The best current cartoon keeps giving good entertainment to little ones. Now in its third season, Disney Junior shows this trio on new and fun adventures.


‘Moon Madness’ is the name of the first episode. Luna Girl is the chosen villain to start the new season. From their city to the moon. That’s how PJ Masks starts this new season, with an episode out of this world. As usual, this female villain just steals whatever she wants. In this opportunity, PJ Masks heroes have to get back the moon crystal and go after Luna Girl to the moon.


Find PJ Masks videos for your kids. They are a great option in case you don’t have Disney channel or for those long car trips where you want to keep your children calm and entertained. Season 3 keeps showing that PJ Masks is a great program for kids and continues delighting them.