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PJ Robot
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PJ Masks is a brilliant cartoon with funny scenes that children can enjoy right there from their couch. It is known that cartoon heroes have a big impact on kids’ lives. Children become their fans, and always root for the good guys. Although it was not created to be a hero at the beginning but a villain, PJ Robot is part of the good ones now in PJ Masks. Children will love this robot cartoon character.

Welcome PJ Robot

Believe it or not, this is what happened to PJ Robot. Romeo who is a villain in the story trusted PJ Robot. He created him and thought he would be the best to secretly report the information on the activities and plans of the superheroes.

Once, he got to know the PJ Masks team, he broke his promise of spying on them and decided to become part of the team. PJ Robot is so very well welcomed to the headquarters in season 2. He is a great helping hand showing how good he is at computers and controlling PJ Masks tower.


His appearance

PJ Robot has a friendly digital face that is most of the time smiling. He cannot speak, so he changes his expressions to convey different emotions. He doesn’t walk either because he is a small flying robot.

Although his design is really cute, when Romeo created PJ Robot, he installed some gadgets for attacking. There are episodes where PJ Robot has helped PJ Masks fighting against Night Ninja. He has shown very long arms from his inside that have powerful scissors, hammers, claws and other weapons.

PJMask Heroes

A real friend


Despite the fact PJ Robot is a real robot, he has developed a genuine liking for them, and they have accepted him as a real friend in season 2. Your children will see this beautiful value in episodes where PJ Robot has had to save the team, and there are others where PJ Masks saved him from the Ninjalinos who kidnapped him.

PJ Robot
In the segment where PJ Robot is the one who saves them, they totally depended on him. There’s a night when PJ Masks lose their powers, and the Ninjalinos want to take advantage of the situation and catch them.
These heroes with no costumes, but in pajamas have to run really fast because the little villains start chasing them. To save them, PJ Robot doesn’t care if he can’t function anymore. He drains his battery down, sacrificing himself to open the door of the headquarters.

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