Pj masks Robette

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Pj masks Robette
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There are some notable robots in different cartoons. They have always been welcomed characters by children. In a robot world, there’s a list of amazing robots that are in the hearts of kids and are part of their world of imagination. In PJ Masks, they are not exactly heroes because they are all creations of one of the villains; however, Robette is an interesting robot that can give a surprise to her evil creator.

One of Romeo’s inventions

In PJ Masks, villains have a very important participation in each episode. In fact, they are definitely necessary for developing the plot of the series. Every time these three heroes, Catboy, Amaya, and Greg face bad guys is a total and entertaining adventure for children. Also, there is no doubt that Romeo is the primary villain in the cartoon.


This mad scientist stands out with all his inventions. He is quite decided to take over the world, and he has created robots to give him a hand for getting his purpose. The Robot, PJ Robot, and his last robot Robette are his creations.


A female robot

Her name, appearance, and voice definitely show she is a female robot. Her design is quite similar to Robot’s, but her size and color are different. She is smaller than Robot and is red and silver. She has a big yellow circle that works like an eye or a button to activate or deactivate her.

Although she is usually obedient to Romeo’s orders, he dislikes that she is very polite, and helpful. His anger has been more than evident when he has pressed her yellow button to stop her because she is nice to the PJ Masks team.


Robots against Romeo

In the episode “PJ Robot”, Romeo’s little robot rebels against him and starts to be part of the PJ team. Robot and Robette obey Romeo and try to catch a little robot, but it’s impossible and he starts being PJ Robot and live in their headquarters.
“Catboy and Gekko’s Robot Rampage” is an episode where Romeo has trouble with Robot and Robette. On one hand, Robot is jealous of Robette and starts doing what he wants. Romeo doesn’t understand why he doesn’t pay attention to him and disobeys him.
On the other hand, Owlette crashed accidentally into his new and improved robot as he calls Robette. This causes a malfunction in her circuits, and she says she is the one who is going to take over the world. She takes Romeo away and doesn’t want to set him free. In the end, she crashes into Robot, and her circuits get repaired.


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