Pj masks Romeo

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Pj masks Romeo
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Many characters are great in the PJ Masks series. In fact, your children will love the trio of heroes and PJ Robot, too. However, in the plot of the story of this cartoon, villains are part of those conflicts that become the heart of episodes and have a very entertained way of being solved. Who is the greatest villain? Well, each kid seems to have their favorite, but Romeo is a very particular one.

A genius villain

Although he is considered one of the main villains of the story, the fact he is a kid makes him look still cute. Bad guys in PJ Masks are very far from being scary, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have clear evil purposes.

In Romeo’s case, he constantly says he wants to take over the world. So he comes up with several ideas and plans to get his final goal. He is a genius villain. He has his own creation of gadgets and weapons that he is determined to use every time the trio of superheroes is in his way.


Romeo’s inventions

Very far from being a boring villain, Romeo has the most impressive collection of inventions. With Robots as his close assistants, his inventions don’t stop in his mobile laboratory. Along the series, all his gadgets can be seen. Different robots, guns for changing sizes, paralyzing, swapping powers, and more sophisticated gadgets as the Pogo Dozer, Electromagnet and the Anti-Gravity Machine.

He is a real master of robotics. He has created robots as assistants, a dinosaur robot for attacking, and even the PJ Masks robots. “Twin PJ Masks” is an episode where it’s impossible to recognize the real one, and Catboy is afraid of harming his friends. That’s how he finds out who is who, showing and saying that those robots have the same powers, but not a friendship as they do.


All a scientist

It doesn’t matter the scene, Romeo always looks like a real scientist. His white lab coat and black goggles make him look as he is always working on a new scientific project. A unique physical trait is his visible and pronounced white streak in his black hair.
Maybe the smartest, but there’s always a good lesson in each episode where Romeo appears. His impulsiveness and need to control make him plan schemes that constantly fail. Not everything is serious or dramatic in PJ Masks, even with the villains. Kids will laugh out loud with jokes and funny situations in each Romeo’s attempt at world domination.

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