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After the preschool years, no doubt kids still like cartoons. But everything starts at that age when TV time is kids’ favorite way of entertainment at home. PJ Masks has become a very popular show for preschoolers, and it is very interesting to know that it was first successful as a children’s picture book series. PJ Masks is part of Entertainment One’s roster of hit contents.

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Midnight heroes

The series has been adapted for TV under the title PJ Masks. The name of the book series? “Les Pyjamasques”. The name gives you an idea of what it is all about. Time to put on the pajamas, then time to go out and save the world.

PJ Masks revolves around three kids, Connor, Amaya, and Greg. They are very good friends, besides they are joined by a special secret. At night, they embark on the most exciting missions to protect the city from villains that want to take it over, and perhaps the world.

Instead of going to bed, the adventure starts when these three cute kids transform into Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko. Those are the names of the three heroes when they put on their pajamas, activate their animal amulets, and start an adventure full of action.

Villainous characters

All kids like those series where their heroes beat up bad guys and defeat them. And they like it more when the confrontation scenes between heroes and villains are rich with a sense of humor. The villains in this cartoon are not monsters or scary characters, but naughty kids that want the total power of the city, and use incredible gadgets and abilities.

The way PJ Masks tackle these situations is using all their powers together to stop them. With their catchphrase “It’s time to be a hero”, they’ll prove they are up to the task. Instead of giving in, and despite all the villains’ intelligence, they usually win victories over all these villains that stand in their way.

A trio of heroes on Disney Junior

This trio of heroes is part of the category “Family & Brands” of Entertainment One. It is a Canadian company in charge of the distribution of this TV series. Soon, PJ Masks became a Canadian- animated Disney Junior series. It debuted on the channel in September 2015; although in its native France, the books started being published in 2008.

You can find a set of 15 books written by Romuald Racioppo. This French author came out with a very imaginative idea and eye-catching pictures that captivated kids from the very first moment of being published in France.


So far, this cartoon has delighted kids with two seasons on TV, and a third one has already been announced in current production for 2019. Each season has consisted of 52 segments of 11 minutes each presented in 26 episodes.  They tend to feature kids’ common activities during the day, and how they save the city from bad guys during the night.

An entertaining educational cartoon

Having children means to be interested in knowing about those shows that your kids love watching. PJ Masks is a great choice for both educational and entertaining purposes especially intended for the little ones between three and six years old.

This cartoon has straightforward messages about friendship and a sense of justice. For children, each episode will have funny scenes with characters that soon will be their favorite ones. But each episode is a short story that teaches them the importance of teamwork and positive social behavior.

Parents will appreciate these favorable messages, and undoubtedly they will agree that PJ Masks is one of the best preschoolers TV shows. So, get to know these three cute superheroes in PJ Masks, and enjoy with your children fun and engaging stories full of imagination.

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