Pj masks Teacher

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Pj masks Teacher
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Kids get the final say! One of the favorite TV cartoons! PJ Masks is not just heroes and adversaries, it is about Connor, Amaya, and Greg in daily activities showing emotions in real contexts. This is part of its success. Preschoolers feel they could live the same experiences as PJ Masks. In fact, TV viewers have something in common with these characters: School and a teacher.

His physical appearance

He is a young adult, tall, and slim. His hair is short and brown. He has tan skin and light brown eyes. He has an eye-catching look, it is appropriate for a teacher but still stylish. He wears glasses that perfectly match with his vest. They are teal square glasses. He really looks like a kind and nice teacher.

He wears a white long sleeve shirt, and blue-gray pants and tie. He seems to be marked by cleanliness and order in appearance and habits. The classroom looks very clean and well organized. It is a very big, light, and airy space with desks and computers. The walls have just the necessary decoration. In brief, a nice space where our heroes and friends feel very comfortable.


An unnamed adult

We might have been in that situation where we’ve forgotten someone’s name, but this is not the case. No “Mr.” and first or last name. There are no chapters so far where kids have to interact with him and say his name directly. In fact, when kids refer to him that’s the way they call him “Teacher”.

He is one of the few adults you can see in the PJ Masks series. He is a male teacher who teaches our three superheroes during the day when they are Connor, Amaya, and Greg. They show they really like school and more specifically their class. The teacher has created a type of classroom environment where the kids are encouraged to believe in themselves, and raise self-esteem.


A supportive teacher

The three kids have had nice experiences with the teacher. For example, in the episode “Speak up Gekko”, Greg is very nervous when he has to recite a poem, and all kids start laughing at him. The teacher asks the kids to calm down, and tells Greg to take his time, and give it a try next class.

In “Owlette and the Owletteenies”, Amaya runs in excitement to tell her friends that the teacher has chosen her to be the group leader at the museum. Although, some seconds after this, the teacher announces that the activity is suspended because the Golden Chariot is disappeared. The teacher also teaches them music, and encouraged Connor and his friends to play musical instruments in “Catboy great gig”.


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