Pj masks Wolfy Kids

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Pj masks Wolfy Kids
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Disney Junior accepted to be home to PJ Masks and its lovable characters, adventure, and fun. They decided to extend their partnership with Entertainment One and brought more adventures in 2018 with Season 2. These three hero kids have more company in this season, and there are new villains to stop in town. The interesting Wolfy kids are part of them.

A trio of werewolves

Howler, Rip, and Kevin is a trio of real werewolves that were welcomed to the series with his first episode “The Wolfy kids”. It was the 39th episode of season 2 and was aired in July this 2018. There are big expectations with these characters. No doubt they are going to be part of the list of villains in PJ Masks, but they differ from the others.

Wolfy Kids

These two boys and a girl will be seen in town during the day as common humans, but at night when the full moon is out they turn into werewolves. They are the only villains that are real animals in a way.


Their appearance

A full moon means for them claws, sharp teeth, pointy ears, and long hair. Kevin, for example, has shaggy hair and blinding bangs that cover his eyes completely. All of them behave like savages. It’s not only that they run on all fours and howl, but they act hostile towards others, steal, and attack.

Once transformed into Wolfy kids, all their clothes are ripped. Howler always wears a red shirt and a black jacket. He has two white streaks on his hair, and big sideburns. His eyes are violet. Rip, the only girl of the trio wears tights, a skirt, a yellow shirt, and a black jacket. She has magenta eyes and hair. Kevin has purple hair, and always wears a vest.


Powerful howlings

Howlings are basically their own superpower. When the effects of the howlings are seen, no doubt that is more than enough. They can be compared to any high explosive. When they howl, you can see red circles showing how energy radiates out from their mouths. These howlings have hurled the PJ Masks more than once several meters.
Catboy was the first to experience this in “The Wolfy kids”. He understood more than ever that these villains can only be defeated working as the team PJ. In the episode “Wolf-O-Saurus”, Howler, Rip, and Kevin showed that apart from their superpowers, they also have other interesting abilities like leaping great distances.

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